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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Secret World of Megatek: Hair Growth or Loss?

I guess I'll jump right in to this unknown, but known world of Megatek. Megatek is the most sought after hair secret and most people are scared to use it. I was at first, but then I dove right in and have been a regular since November 2009. Megatek is a STRONG protein treatment for horses, but can be used by humans. I mean this stuff is extremely strong and must be used with caution. People have reported their hair growing inches with using just one bottle. Then again, some have reported no changes; while others say they lost hair. Protein helps build strength and allows the hair to grow, but too much can be harmful. Some people put essential oils (olive, jojoba, etc) inside their Megatek to dilute a bit because it's such a strong product. Brave people such as myself, use it straight out the bottle.

The frequency of using megatek is solely based on the user. It can be applied daily, weekly, monthly, etc. I use megatek twice a week (Wed&Sat) and apply it directly to my scalp. DO NOT apply directly on hair! I apply it to my scalp, put a deep treatment on my actual hair, put on a plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 30 minutes, followed by a rinse. If I have to clean or study, I'll keep it on for a hour while I doing just that without heat. Some actually put it in their hair and leave it in for a few days and then rinse out. Everything works differently for everyone, find your niche. I use Megatek for a duration of three months in the winter and this is my second year. I must warn you, your hair will shed, but a simple garlic pill will do the trick. I still take these even when I'm on Megatek off-season. ;)  My results after the jump!

My results: I can honestly say, I LOVE Megatek and will continue to use it in the future. My hair grew longer and became extremely thicker last winter. I'll definitely give you a spring update on this winter's use.I purchased my megatek from, the cheapest on the internet.

This pic will outline my hair before using it this winter and I'll do a comparison this spring.

Straightened Out October 2010 (I still got 9 inches to go for my goal)

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  1. Some hair products are not intended to be applied directly to the hair.


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